General notes for long outage for Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment Supplier location at Selangor - Environmech Sdn Bhd

   General notes for long outage
a) Equipment halt for one week (2-3 days for easy-dry sludge)
In order to protect this equipment, please follow below operations:

1) In order to prevent the sludge in tanks from decomposing and drying, 
sludge in flocculation tanks should be discharged from outlet in bottom.
And clean the tank with water.
When discharge the sludge in flocculation tank, please keep mixer in working state and open the ball valve under the tank. Then sludge can be discharged easily.

2) Make back pressure plate open in maximum state. And keep the screw shaft rotate one hour in manu state.When all sludge gets out from sludge cake outlet, clean the screw press with water.

3) Turn off the main power inside the Electric control cabinet.

b) Equipment halt over 3 months
Besides above general notes, we still follow below operations.

1) In order to prevent the port from rusting, please close the E-control box tightly. And keep the room well ventilated.

2) In order to prevent electromagnetic relays from rusting, please make equipment run in manu state for one hour every 3 months.

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