Possible failures for Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment Malaysia Supplier (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Possible failures 
When malfunction indicator lights on, please confirm following matters before consulting and asking for repair.

  Please select "stop" for operation mode when terminating overload relays.
People may get pinched if the equipment is still running after terminating the overload relays.

  When equipment fails, please stop it and contact our company or our agents. It may cause bigger damage if keep equipment keeps working when it fails.

  Disconnect overload relays.
The thermal overload relays inside the electric control cabinet will be automatically disconnected when motor or pump overloads. When it disconnects, the equipment stops working. As a result, related warning signal light and fault light will be on. In this condition, please begin troubleshooting problems and terminate the disconnect situation.

If the thermal overload relays disconnects frequently, please contact our company or our agents. If continue to run the equipment, it may cause bigger damage.


Solutions for terminating the disconnect situation.

Switch to stop mode for operation mode (COS-1).

Cut off main power(ELCB-1)

Eliminate the cause of thermal overload relays disconnection.\

Press the white button in the thermal overload relays, terminate the disconnection.

 Sometimes it can not terminate the disconnect situation immediately when temperature of thermal overload relays is too high. In this situation, please try after some time when it gets cool.

 Restart operation mode (COS-1).

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