Aerator Assembly for the Turbo Jet Aerator (Supply at Asian Malaysia) - Environmech Sdn Bhd

Aerator Assembly

6. Press or pound the bearing into the prop end of the housing. If the bearing is pounded in, place a small 2" x 4" or metal plate on top of the bearing when pounding. Do not pound directly on flush with the end of the housing.

7. Drill 3/14" diameter water intake holes through the bearing and the existing water lubrication holes in the housing. Trim any adhere to the holes just drilled. (Fig. 7)

8. Slide the housing and bearing over the aerator shaft and bolt it to the mounting flange with the four 1/2" x 1" bolts (Fig. 8)

Note: The air intake holes that close the motor end should be in the up and down position in line with the motor electrical box. The lower air intake hole should be closest to the motor.
9. Apply a grease lubricant to the outside of the ceramic sleeve. Slide the sleeve onto the aerator shaft and into the bearing. Applying a grease lubricant to the outside of the ceramic sleeve will make assembly easier, it is not required for normal operation. (Fig. 9)

10. Slip a nylon washer onto the aerator shaft. The propeller is now ready to be installed.

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