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Aerator Disassembly

Since the aerator is shipped fully assembled, the first step of maintenance will probably to disassembly.

Use the following as a checklist during disassembly.
1. Place a large screwdriver through the air intake holes and the universal joint to keep the shaft from turning. (Fig 2)

Take care not to damage the grease zerk in the U-joint.

2. Screw the diffuser off in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Removal of the propeller
Using the propeller removal tool, turn the prop off in a counterclockwise direction. See the description on the following page.

Propeller Removal tool
Always wear gloves when handling the propeller blade edges that may be sharp.
Slip the prop removal tool over the end of the aerator shaft with the prongs towards the prop.
Each prog should fit against the trailing edge of one prop blade.
Be sure the tools are on as far as possible with the circular ring around the end of the shaft.
Tap the handles with a rubber hammer to loosen the prop.
Remember, the prop turns off in a counterclockwise direction.

4. Remove the four bolts which attach the housing to the mounting flange. Slip the housing of the shaft. The ceramic sleeve may remain in the bearing as the housing is removed.

Note: Take care not to drop the ceramic sleeve since it is not resistant to Impact.

5. If the ceramic sleeve is still on the shaft, slip it and the two nylon washes off. Remember the ceramic sleeve will crack if dropped.

6. Loosen the set screws holding the aerator shaft to the motor shaft and remove the aerator shaft.
The aerator parts can now be taken to shore for servicing. See maintenance and service schedule to determine if the bearing needs replacement.

7. Remove the bearing by pounding it through the housing. Scrape off any parts of the bearing which may adhere to the inside of the housing.

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