Aerator Servicing for Turbo Jet Aerator (Supplier near by Semenyih-Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Aerator Servicing

The following maintenance items may now be performed as needed.

General Aerator Inspection :
  • Check the bolts on the housing and mounting flange for tightness.
  • Note any signs of corrosion.
  • Check that the electrical wires are in good condition and properly secured.
  • Check the flotation unit for any loose bolts or parts.
Lower Unit Inspection and/or Repair :
  • The diffuser and propeller should be free of debris.
  • Check the propeller and diffuser for wear. Slight wear grooves are acceptable as long as the profile or shape of the propeller blade is not affected. Should wear be greater than this, replace the propeller. See Aerator Disassembly steps 1-3 and Aerator Assembly steps 11-12.
Fluoral Bearing :
  • Remove any debris which may be obstructing the water lubrication holes.
  • Slip a feeler gauge between the bearing and the ceramic sleeve. The gap should not be greater than 2.5mm. If greater, replace the bearing. See Aerator Disassembly steps 1-4,7 and aerator Assembly steps 6-12.
Ceramic sleeve :
  • The ceramic sleeve must spin with the shaft. Manually turn the shaft and observe if the sleeve turns with the shaft.
  • Look for cracks along the end of the sleeve and through the water lubrication holes. Should any cracks appear, replace the sleeve. See Disassembly steps 1-5 and Assembly steps 8-12.
Shaft Inspection : 
  • The hollow shaft should be open and free of debris.
  • Attach a rat tail brush to a rod and clean the interior of the shaft. Be sure the brush reaches the air intake holes.
  • Manually turn the shaft. It should turn freely. If it doesn't, check the motor bearing and floral bearing for tightness.
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