Aerator Servicing for the Turbo Jet Aerator (Supplier at Kuala Lumpur) - Environmech Sdn Bhd

Note: Before beginning any service, Turn the power off and "tag" the aerator "out of service".

In Position Service (Break-Apart Assembly)
A major advantage the aerator has over other aeration equipment is its break-apart assembly. The moving parts may be removed from the motor and serviced. The heavy motor need not be removed.

To service the aerator in position, a boat will be needed. A 10-12 foot flat bottom join boat is ideal.

1. Turn the motor off and lock the unit "out of service".

2. Approach the aerator from the motor end. Position the rear of the boat the pontoons and under the motor.

3. Loosen the four mounting bolts and tip the aerator to a near-horizontal position and allow the water to drain through the air intake holes.

4. Lock the aerator in the nearly horizontal position by placing a bolt through the mount bracket slot and a hole in the mounting flange.

5. Approach the propeller end of the housing with the rear of the boat. Position the boat between the pontoons and under the aerator.

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