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Features of gas-liquid mixing pump

  • Simple in structure, compact and practical, with few components, durable, easy to maintain, no need for regular maintenance.
  • Small flow, high pressure, small size, easy installation, simple operation, and wide application range.
  • Free control of flow without bypass design, reducing initial investment and operating costs.
  • There is no mechanical friction in the pump chamber, and even if there are fine particles in the liquid, it will not easily malfunction.
  • It can inhale while sucking water, and automatically pressurize and mix the gas and liquid in the pump. The gas-liquid dissolving effect is good, and bubbles of 20-30 microns can be generated.
  • The performance is stable, the efficiency is high, the noise is low, and the gas-liquid dissolution efficiency is doubled compared with the conventional.
  • For the air flotation device, the air compressor, the mixer, the high-pressure dissolved gas tank, the release device, and the like can be omitted, and the problem of the gas supply instability and the large bubble tumbling in a conventional manner also can be overcome.
  • The ozone water preparation device can omit various mixers, large oxidation towers, etc., and greatly reduce the equipment cost, and the gas-liquid dissolution rate is over 95%.
  • Two kinds of insoluble liquids can be homogenized by high-speed physical stirring.
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