Working Principle for Vortex Pump supply at Asian Malaysia - Environmech Sdn Bhd

Working Principle for Vortex Pump

After the liquid is sucked into the pump chamber from the suction port of the pump, the semi-opening toothed impeller that rotates at a high speed will mix and pressurize the mixture of water and gas along the flow path of the pump chamber to form a high-pressure vortex flow. Then the mixture of gas and liquid will be forcibly discharged. The system is equipped with a unique gas-liquid separation structure, which forms a gas-liquid separation membrane at the discharge port and can continuously separate the gas from the liquid and discharge the cavity to maintain efficient and stable operation. The pump shaft and impeller are machined according to strict processing technology. After assembly, the machine will operate without impeller swinging phenomenon, without any mechanical friction, and ensure high-speed and smooth rotation of the impeller in the pump chamber. The outlet pressure is constant without a pulse.

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