Manual Operation for Jet Aerator - Flotation Cabling Methods supply at Kuala Lumpur (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Manual Operation for Jet Aerator - Flotation Cabling Methods

The in-line span direct positions the aerator parallel to the cable.

Bolt the channel iron two inches to the outside of one of the mainframes. Holes will have to be drilled in the cross rail to attach the channel iron.

Cable clamps attach the cable to each end of the channel iron. (Fig. 27)
Once the aerator unit has been attached to the span cable, run the appropriate electrical cable to the aerator. Attach it to the cable with plastic ties, leaving slack between each tie. Run the cable along with the channel iron to the aerator.

Fig. 28

The installation of motor controls and wiring of the aerator must be done by a certified electrician. Environmech Sdn Bhd does not provide this service. Proper sizing of electrical cable and motor controls is covered in the electrical section of this manual.

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