Manual Operation for Jet Aerator (Span Bridle) - Flotation Cabling Methods supply at Asian Malaysia (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Manual Operation for Jet Aerator (Span Bridle) - Flotation Cabling Methods

Span Bridle
Span Bridle systems attach the flotation to the aerator with swing arms which accommodate water level fluctuations up to 4 meters. Swing arms should be constructed of 1 to 1/2 inch galvanized pipe or stainless steel pipe when appropriate. (Fig.29)

Fig. 29

Determine appropriate swing arm length from the following table.

Drill 11mm diameter holes through the center point of each pipe and bolt them together with a 3/8 inch bolt and locknut. Place washers below, between, and above the pipe.

Drill hole at the end of each pipe for U-bolts. These holes should be parallel to the center hole.

Determine on the cable where the aerator should be located.

Fig. 30

Attach a cable bridle 3'9" on either side of this point. (fig. 30)

Fig. 31

With the flotation in the water, attach two ends of the swing arms to the front cross rail. Use eyebolts in the cross rail and U-bolts in the swing arms. (Fig. 31)

Attach the free ends of the swing arms to the cable bridles with U-bolts.

The electrical cable can now be run across the cable span to the swing arms. Attach it to the cable with plastic ties. Leave some slack between each tie.

Continue to run the electrical cable down one electrical cable one side of the swing arms to the aerator.

The installation of motor box controls and wiring of the aerator must be done by a certified electrician. Environmech Sdn Bhd does not provide this service. Proper sizing of electrical cables and motor box controls is covered in the electrical section of this manual.

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