Process for REC Series Rotary cross-current Electrocoagulation (Supplier at Semenyih : Environmech.Sdn Bhd.)


REC Electro-Coagulation using Electrocoagulation modular design.

By the flocculation reactor body, electrode assembly, motor, rotating blade assembly, and power supply control system, and other components.

REC Electro-Coagulation adopts the technology of rotating cross-flow and intelligent inversion to eliminate the concentration polarization, which increases the cell voltage, increases the power consumption, increases the cathode sediment, and greatly improves the efficiency of Electro-Coagulation. By stirring the motor, the stirring scraper drives the water body to generate a strong rotating cross-flow effect. At the same time, the scraping force generated by rotating the scraper scours the dirt on the surface of the plate to effectively prevent the scaling problem of the plate.

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