Manual Operation for Jet Aerator (Free Anchor) - Flotation Cabling Methods supply at Klang Valley Area (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Free Anchor

The free anchor system is used when the lagoon is too for span direct cabling
**Drawing not to scale (Fig. 32)

Anchoring of the aerator should be dome with the water near the highest level. (Fig. 32)

Thrust cables are attached to each side of the front cross rail. A drift cable is attached to the near of one mainframe. Cement blocks may be used to temporarily locate the anchors. Appropriately sized cement anchors will have to be fabricated and used as permanent anchors. (Fig. 33)

Figure 33

Note: Determine the appropriate cable size, length, and anchor weight from the tables and thrust cable formula on page 22 of this manual. The thrust cable anchors may be as large as 1050 pounds. A crane and barge will be needed to set these large anchors.

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