Operation Manual for Free Anchor for Jet Aerator (Supply at Semenyih-Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Operation Manual for Free Anchor

1. Attach eyebolts and a cable thimble to each end of the front cross rail 

2. Attach an eyebolt to the bottom of the rear of one mainframe.

3. Place the flotation in the water. Determine the desired location of the aerator unit. Attach one thrust cable to a cement block and drop it as one thrust anchor. Drop a temporary location buoy this point to hold the cable on the surface.

4. Use the temporary buoy as a guide and drop one cement block for the second thrust cable.
Note: An imaginary line between the thrust anchors should be roughly parallel to the front cross rail on the tri-pontoon. 

5. Attach the thrust cables to the front eyebolts at the end of each cross rail. Use cable thimbles. Move the aerator backward to take the slack out of the thrust cables. Either thrust cable may be shortened to point the aerator in the optimum direction.

6. Once the anchor points have been determined as correct, slide the rest of the anchor weight down the thrust cable and reattach the thrust cables to the front cross rail eyebolts.

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