Operation Manual for Free Anchor for Jet Aerator (Supply at Selangor-Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Operation Manual for Free Anchor for Jet Aerator

7. Drop the drift anchor and cable approximately 20 feet behind the aerator.
8. Attach the drift cable to the eyebolt on the rear mainframe. Use a cable thimble and cable clamp.

9. Take the slack out of the drift cable. This will tighten all the cables and put the aerator in the final location.

10. Run the electrical cable along the bottom of the lagoon and up to the outside edge of the pontoon closed to shore. Attach the electrical cable along the front cross rail with plastic ties.

Note: Avoid excess slack in the electrical cable to guarantee that it will not foul with the propeller.

This installation of motor box controls and wiring of the aerator must be done by a certified electrician. Environmech Sdn Bhd does not provide this service. Proper sizing of electrical cables and motor box controls is covered in the electrical section of this manual.

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