Blower with 3-lobe Spur Rotor supply at Semenyih (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Blower with 3-lobe Spur Rotor 

The 3-lobe spur rotor is designed for corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and durability, in addition to low noise, low vibration, and high-efficiency operation.

Fluid is drawn from the inlet on the upper stage and discharged from the side on the lower stage.
This structure reduces noise and provides higher efficiency.

Side Cover
The side cover supports the bearing and is structured to allow compressed air that has leaked via the shaft to flow out of the casing, without intrusion into other components. With water-cooled type blowers, cooling water is supplied to protect the bearing against temperature rise during operation at high pressure.

The shaft is made of carbon steel for mechanical structure, which has undergone precision machining for shrink-fitting in the rotor.

Timing Gear
The timing gear is made of chromium-molybdenum steel. A Class 1 spur or helical gear is used to ensure stable power transmission, resulting in friction noise reduction.

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