Rotary Air Blower (Supplier : Environmech Sdn Bhd) near by Selangor


Rotary Air Blowers are equipped with a 3-lobe spur rotor. This rotor, as the most important component of a blower, is designed for corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and durability, in addition to low noise, low vibration, ease of maintenance, and high efficiency, thus providing stable performance and ensuring smooth operation of the blower over a long period of time.

The products lineup of the RSR-KS series comprises air-cooled types (discharge bore diameter: 50 to 300mm) and water-cooled types (discharge bore diameter: 80 to 350mm) as standard models. whether used under low pressure (0.6kg/cm2 or less) or high pressure (0.6 to 0.8kg/cm2), the appropriate model can be selected according to application.
Use at 0.8kg/cm2 or higher pressure is available as a special specification. In addition, blowers can be equipped with a helical rotor (discharge bore diameter: 80 to 250mm).

The RSR-KS series is suited for various applications, such as for aeration at wastewater treatment facilities, agitation of wastewater and sewage, decomposition and scum prevention, and oxygen supply at fish farms.

It also offers other water treatment equipment besides blowers, including submersible pumps, aerators, mixers, scum skimmers, bar screens, and dehydrators. These products have been tested and proven for many years in the field of water treatment and can be supplied as a total package.

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