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Floating Aerator

Product Features
Easy to use: as long as the pump is put into the water and connected with the power supply, it can start to pump water. It does not need a port, is not afraid of rain, and is not limited by dust collection. It is very light in weight and easy to move.

Energy-saving and power-saving: change the water suction head to the pressure water head, no matter what specification and model, the water inlet is always 25-50cm below the water surface, always in the best suction position, which not only shortness the pipeline, but also does not need to install the bottom valve, so it can save 10-30% power.

Long service life:  the shaft seal of the floating pump is not affected by the sediment at the bottom of the water, there is no deep water pressure, and it is impossible to be trapped in the mud, so the shaft life is long.

Increase of crops: as the water temperature of the river surface absorbed by the floating pump is higher than that at the bottom of the river, it is conducive to the growth of rice and other crops. Taking rice as an example, the yield per mud of early rice in the control group can be increased by 5%.

Technical Data

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