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Surge Aerator

Product Features

Wave-making function: powerful wave-making function. The wave diameter range of 40mm is more than 60m, which greatly increases the contact area between water and air. Through aeration, air contact, algae photosynthesis, ultraviolet radiation, and other ways, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the whole water is increased, the water quality is improved and the sewage discharge is reduced.

Water lifting capacity: it has a strong water lifting capacity (change bottom water to the surface and output along the water surface), effectively reducing the content of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, and hydrogen sulfide. Escherichia coli and other harmful substances and gases in the water body, improve the water quality of the pond and curb water pollution.

Oxygenation capacity: the efficiency of oxygenation is better than that of the water wheel type, which is the renewal product of the impeller type.

The appearance and structure of the product are reasonable and beautiful. The environment-friendly anti-corrosion material is selected, and the surface paint is durable.

All kinds of accessories shall be standard accessories as far as possible to facilitate user maintenance.

The advanced production technology is adopted in the design and production of the motor and gear reduction system so that the product can be used with less noise, high efficiency, improved insulation level, safety, economy, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

Technical Data

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