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Impeller Aerator 

Product Features

The gear is made of chrome-manganese-titanium alloy steel. designed with surface nitro cementation, and matched with reasonable hardness, featured of longer service life.

The weldless fabricated impeller is employed and featured high concentricity, stable operation, and easy transportation.

Relying on advanced mechanical and electrical performance design, high-quality copper-enameled wire, high-grade insulation, and developed production processes, the safety, reliability, efficiency, and energy-saving performance of the motor have been significantly improved.

As required by the client, a protector is added to prevent the motor from being accidentally burned out.

The floating ball is made of integral plastic (PE).

As required by various service environments and different clients, integral plastic (PE) floating impellers can adopt engineering plastic, stainless steel, and high-quality steel-plate hot galvanizing impellers, so that their service life in seawater or strong corrosive water could be extended without regular replacement of impeller or painting.

Technical Data

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