Aeration Aerator (Product Features & Technical Data) supply Kuala Lumpur (Supplier : Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Aeration Aerator

Product Features

The aerated aerator has the advantages of simple design, lightweight and power saving. The principle of increasing oxygen is different from that of the impeller and water wheel. The unique flower-like spiral impeller combined with the unique pontoon design can make the output water erupt upward, resulting in boiling water and water swell in a certain area. Therefore, the contact between water and air in the process of eruption is improved, and the dissolved oxygen content of the water body is increased. When the water erupts upward, it passes through the motor and reducer directly, which makes the motor and reducer work for a long time without heating under the cooling of water, which eliminates the common fault of motor heating, increasing current and burning cut due to long-time sunning heat. It can operate normally under the ultra-low voltage of 300v - 350v.

Wave-making function: The strong wave-making ability greatly increases the contact area between the water body and air.

Technical Data

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