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Frequency Aerator

Products Features

1. Energy saving: The motor adopts a high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is more efficient than the asynchronous motor, and saves 30%, and 40% of power than the traditional aerator.

2. Frequency conversion: The running speed of the aerator can be adjusted automatically. Within a certain voltage range, the speed does not change with the fluctuation of grid voltage and frequency.

3. Reliable: With phase loss, overload, and short circuit protection function, effectively prevent the whole machine failure.

4. Environmental protection: No gearbox, no oil, no pollution, no need to replace the gear oil routine maintenance.

5. Low temperature rise: After the equipment runs continuously for a long time in summer, the temperature rise of the motor and controller is low, which effectively guarantees the product life.

6. Ultra-quiet: The controller adopts an advanced vector control algorithm to eliminate electromagnetic and mechanical noise and operate ultra-quiet.

7. High waterproof grade: ipx7 waterproof grade, full immersion operation for 300 hours, no water leakage and seepage problem.

8. Wide voltage range operation: Three-phase voltage 200v - 400v, single-phase voltage 110V - 250V, will not burn the machine due to the grid voltage being too low or too unstable.

9. Easy installation and maintenance: lightweight, convenient installation, the personal operation can be launched and ashore.

10. Intelligent Networking: It can operate and stop the machine through the WeChat platform, and accurately locate the fault.

Technical Data

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