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QRZ-8040SW 8 Inch Seawater Reverse Osmosis(RO) Membrane

Main Features:
★ High salt rejection rate;
★ High water flow;
★ High chemical tolerance;
★ Stable and long service life;
★ Strict production & packaging inspection;

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Test Conditions:

Feed water pressure: 800 psi (5.52 MPa);
Feed water temperature: 77'F (25'C);
Feed water concentration: 32,000 mg/L as NaCl;
Recovery rate: 8%;
Feed water: pH 7;
Minimum Salt Rejection: 99.3
Minimum Product Flow Rate: 8,600 gpd (32.5m3/d)

Operating Limits:

Maximum operating pressure······················1200psi (8.3MPa)
Maximum fee water temperature···················113'F (45'C)
Maximum feed water SDI································5
Feed water chlorine concentration ppm·············Not detected
Continuous operation Feed water pH range ·······2 - 11
Chemical cleaning Feed water pH range ··········1 - 12
Maximum pressure drop per element ···········15psi (0.10 MPa)
Maximum pressure drop per vessel···············50psi (0.34 MPa)

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