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QRZ-UltraClean SW Serial Seawater Reverse Osmosis(RO) Membrane

UltraClean SW series Reverse Osmosis membrane element for seawater desalination is a high end reverse osmosis membrane element. The bottom membrane of the support layer has high compression resistance, thick and dense skin layer, and no defects on the membrane surface anti-wear, anti-chemical degradation membrane element manufacturing No post processing is required in the process. It has a wide pH resistance range and high cleaning efficiency It can be used for strong and efficient cleaning with ordinary acid and alkali. Because of the more thorough cleaning, the long term operating pressure of the membrane system is lower, and it has higher performance during its service life. It can be greatly reduced. Operating costs, resulting in the best long term economics for the desalination system.

Product Features :
★ High salt rejection·
★ Compression resistance, contamination resistance and high cleaning efficiency·
★ Improve the overall economics of the desalination system

Operation Conditions :
★ Maximum working pressure : 83 bar (1200 psi), 69 bar (1000 psi)·
★ Chemical cleaning pH range : 1 - 13
★ Maximum operating temperature : 45'C (113'F)
★ Maximum Influent SDI (SDI) 5.0
★  Maximum pressure drop per membrane element : 1.0 bar (15 psi)
★ Allowable free chlorine content >0.1 ppm
★ Continuous operation pH range 2 - 11

Product Dimensions : 

Product Parameters :

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