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QRZ-UltraClean BW Serial Industrial Brackish Reverse Osmosis(RO) Membrane

UltraClean BW reverse osmosis membrane elements are primarily used for brackish water desalination, providing excellent, stable and consistent membrane performance for industrial water treatment systems. The element operates at low pressure, providing a more cost effective option for industrial grade applications. It has a high removal rate for the more difficult dissolved salts, such as TOC and SiO 2 and is suitable for nearly zero discharge of wastewater in the petroleum and petrochemical industries and boiler feed water in thermal power plants. The UltraClean BW series
is available in 8 inch and 4 inch sizes.

Product Features:
★ Stable membrane performance and high organic removal rate
★ Low operating pressure, taking into account high water production and operating costs
★ Meet the near zero discharge standard of industrial wastewater

Operation Conditions :
★ Maximum working pressure : 41 bar (600 psi)
★ Chemical cleaning pH range : 1 - 13
★ Maximum operating temperature : 45'C (113'F)
★ Maximum Influent SDI (SDI) 5.0
★ Maximum pressure drop per membrane element : 1.0 bar (15 psi)
★ Allowable free chlorine content > 0.1 ppm
★ Continuous operation pH range : 2 - 11

Product Dimensions : 

Product Parameters :

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