Heat Pump Low Temperature Evaporator (热泵低温蒸发器 )

Heat pump low temperature evaporator energy utilization principle


VDW adopts high efficiency scroll heat pump compressor and screw compressor. The high temperature and high pressure heat generated by the unit's work compression is indirectly transferred to the sewage to be evaporated, so that the sewage is heated into steam, and the heat released when the steam is condensed into water is absorbed by the compressor and re-transferred to the sewage to be evaporated. In this way, through the energy cycle technology of VDW, The energy consumption required for evaporation and condensation is reduced exponentially, especially the large amount of heat required for
evaporation comes from the energy of the compressor to do work and the heat released when the steam is condensed into water;

Heat pump low temperature evaporator technical features

A. The use of vacuum evaporation concentration new technology, evaporation temperature 30-40℃, low evaporation temperature, not easy to produce scale;

B. The use of high efficiency heat pump compressor, mature technology, low maintenance costs of parts;

C. Environmentally friendly refrigerant heat pipe heating safety design,316 stainless steel intrusive condenser and intrusive evaporator;

D. Crystal clear pure water sealed vacuum cooling system, effluent water quality is stable, greatly reduce COD and conductivity;

E. Low temperature vacuum distillation concentration continuous safe automatic operation, personnel inspection and maintenance;

F. Compact structure, small footprint, high degree of integration;

G. Optimize the vacuum tank structure, automatic control of defoamer filling, will not produce foam superposition affect the system operation;

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