Heat Pump Low Temperature Evaporator (热泵低温蒸发器 )

Heat pump low temperature evaporator (vacuum low temperature evaporator) technical background



The application of vacuum distillation concentration technology, air energy heat pump heating technology and compressor refrigeration technology in sewage treatment has achieved a breakthrough in sewage treatment from engineering to equipment, which is a more economical method for the treatment of various industrial wastewater on the market, and has become an alternative to sewage and other treatment methods.

Using our innovative vacuum concentration technology, users can separate clean water from industrial
wastewater, so that users can reduce the total amount of wastewater and thus reduce the sewage bill by up to 95%, and the treated water can be re-used in production or simply treated after discharge to standard; (100% sewage =95% distilled water reuse +5% residue)

VDW series heat pump low temperature evaporator is based on vacuum evaporation technology, so that water under vacuum conditions under heat evaporation vaporization, separation from sewage, and further condensation into crystal clear water, which pollutants, including heavy metals, salts, fats, additives and other non-volatile substances, are all concentrated in the residue; After the condensation treatment, the water is reapplied to production or can be discharged after simple treatment, so that the user's production no longer produces waste water.

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