Domestic Sewage Integration Equipment (生活污水一体化设备)




River, lake, reservoir and other water supply projects with surface water as the source of water purification, water reuse, and coal mine tailings water, coal washing water, bath, swimming pool, car wash, paper making, printing and dyeing, electroplating and other industrial wastewater purification.

FA type integrated water purifier reaction, flocculation, precipitation, mud collection, mud discharge, water collection, water distribution, filtration, recoil, sewage and a series of operating procedures are to meet the requirements of fully automatic operation, do not need to set up a recoil pump, air compressor and other electrical equipment, can save infrastructure investment and daily operating costs, is to realize the automatic management of water plants.

If equipped with the corresponding disinfection device, it can become a fully functional water purification station.


Integrated sewage equipment: its main treatment means is the use of biochemical treatment technology
contact oxidation method, combined integrated sewage treatment equipment design is mainly domestic
sewage and similar industrial organic sewage treatment water parameters according to the general sewage water quality calculation, influent BOD5 according to 200mg/L.

主要的组成部分:The Main Components Are:                                         
  • 水解酸化池;Hydrolytic acidification pool;
  • 杂质沉淀池;Impurity settling tank; 
  • 污泥好氧消化池 ; Sludge aerobic digestion tank ;
  •  接触氧化池;Contact oxidation pool;
  • 消毒处理;Disinfection treatment;

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