Waste Recycling (REUSE) Equipment (中水处理设备)





Features or Characteristic
1. Efficient separation of solid and liquid, separating suspended substances, colloidal substances and microbial flora lost from biological units in wastewater from purified water. The separation process is simple, the footprint is small, the water quality is good, and generally it can be reused without three levels of treatment.

2. It can maintain the biomass concentration in the biological treatment unit, greatly improve the volume load and the efficiency of membrane separation, greatly shorten the hydraulic residence time
of the treatment unit, and correspondingly reduce the footprint of the bioreactor.

3. Because it can prevent the loss of various microbial flora, it is conducive to the slow and fine growth of the growth rate, so that various metabolic processes in the system can proceed smoothly.

4. Make the residence time of some macromolecules difficult to degrade organic matter longer, which is conducive to their decomposition.

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